Máy bào hai mặt tốc độ cao - GoodTek HS-635ARD

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Máy bào hai mặt tốc độ cao - GoodTek HS-635ARD

  • The four table rollers provide superior feeding performance
  • Standard Y-delta motor starting
  • Quick belt change for bottom cutterhead
  • Automatic lubrication for feeding chain
  • Automatic lubricator provides convenient lubrication to caterpillar chain slideways
  • An air wrench is applied for removing or installing knives and saves knife change time.
  • The upper and lower cutter heads are spiral cutter heads
  • The table surface is hard chrome plated and precision ground for extremely smooth feeding and maximum wear resistance
  • The dovetailed slideways on the table elevation assure outstanding rigidity and stability
  • Sectional infeed rollers
  • High speed feed up to 40 M/min




Rear cutting mechanism

There are two outfeed rollers and two table rollers porvided at the outfeed end of the to cutterhead. All rollers are powered to assure more powerful and stable feeding performance.


Mild pressure spikes 

The pressure spikes are in an overlapped layout with a minimum of gaps and hold teh workpiece firmly and uniformly. The special mild hold-down design ensures shake free feeding even for narrow workpieces.


Table rollers 

The table is fitted with thre powered rollers and one driven roller for upgrading feed smoothness during heavy duty planing.


Feeding inverter+gear reducer

The 5HP feed drive motor, combined with inverter and gear reducer, provide extra powerful workpiece feeding and permits high speed planing with ease.


Swiveling control panel 

The specially-designed swiveling control panel allows the operator to use the machine conveniently in any position.


Outfeed extension rollers 

There are two rollers provided at the outfeed end of the table. They provide firm support, especially for long workpieces.

Dữ liệu kỹ thuật
HS-635ARD High speed double side planer
Model HS-635ARD
Maximum Width Of Cut 635mm ( 25" )
Maximum Thickness Of Cut 200mm ( 8" )
Minmum Thickness Of Cut 10mm
Minmum Lenght Of Cut 310mm
Knife Nos. On Top Cutterhead 96pcs
Knife Nos. On Bottom Cutterhead 96pcs
Knife Sizes TCT 30x12x1.5mm
CutterHead Speed 5000RPM
Variable Feed Speed-inverter 8-40m/min
Dust Hood Outlet Diameter 6" x 2
Table Surface Area 27"x103"
Top Cutterhead Drive Motor 25HP
Buttom Cutterhead Drive Motor 20HP
Feed Drive Motor 5HP
Upper Mechanism Elevation Motor 1/2HP
Machine Dimensions(LxWxH) 2750x1145x1720mm
Net Weight 3000kg
Packing Dimensions(LxWxH) 2830x12400x1940mm
Gross Weight 3500kg




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  • 175 Hoa Lan, Phường 2, Quận Phú Nhuận, TP.HCM
  • (84.28) 3517 3407(5 lines)
  • (84.28) 3517 3402
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  • 42/17, DT743, KP Bình Phước, P. Bình Chuẩn, H.Thuận An, Tỉnh Bình Dương.
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  • (84 274)3712 771
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